3 July, 2018


Why Weekly Pool Service is Essential for Pool Health in Scottsdale Arizona

Why Weekly Pool Service is Essential for Pool Health in Arizona

If you live in Arizona and find yourself wondering how often you should have a pool service, the answer is very straightforward: every week. In this article, we will explain why you need a weekly pool service to keep your pool beautiful and healthy.

The Top 2 Reasons You Need Weekly Pool Service in Arizona

1. Weekly Pool Service Improves Water Quality

Arizona has very particular weather that requires weekly pool service in order to ensure clean, high-quality water in pools.

Anything that gets in the water–leaves, dust, tumbleweed (and even snakes and spiders!)–can affect the performance of your pool filters.

Pool water quality is based on a delicate balance of chemicals. These chemicals keep microbes and algae from growing in your pool.

Chemicals also maintain the pH levels of the water in a healthy balance. If the water became too alkaline or too acidic, it could harm your skin, your eyes and your hair.

At Premier Pool Care, we want our clients to enjoy their swimming pools while staying safe and healthy.

The best way to enjoy your swimming pool is by making sure the water you’re swimming in is clean, clear and well-balanced. And the only way to achieve this is in the hot Arizona weather is through weekly pool service.

2. Weekly Pool Service is Essential for Pool Maintenance

Weekly pool service isn’t exclusively about keeping the water clean. Another important aspect of these services is pool equipment maintenance.

You may have noticed that when you don’t clean your pool for a few weeks, the walls and steps get an oily texture. This is due to the natural oils from our bodies and from the leaves that fall on your pool.

Cleaning the pool on a regular basis will eliminate the oil from the walls, but the accumulation on the pool filters and baskets can create permanent damage.

When we perform our weekly pool service for our clients, we always go follow a thorough process to make sure their pool is in top-notch condition and that there is no risk of any breaking or damage.

This way, we identify problems before they get worse. This saves you time, money and hassle.

Get the Best Weekly Pool Service in Arizona

Out of all the Scottsdale pool service alternatives, there is one company that stands out: Premier Pool Care.

We are a local business with a friendly team, and we also have the skills and equipment necessary to take care of your pool exactly like you would want to.

At Premier Pool Care, we have a team of swimming pool maintenance experts with the knowledge necessary to keep your pool at a high standard of beauty and cleanliness.

We make our clients happy by being consistent, effective, dependable and by understanding the level of trust they must have when allowing someone into the backyard of their home.

If you want the best weekly pool service Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek and Phoenix has to offer, Premier Pool Care is your best choice.

Contact us on our website or give us a call at 602-888-0400 to schedule your first visit!




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