If you want the best weekly pool service Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek and Phoenix has to offer, Premier Pool Care will exceed your expectations.

    We are friendly, reliable and thorough, and we always put 100% of our attention into your pool when we are in your yard. We will answer any of your questions and will always take the time to explain what exactly is going on with your pool.

    Our friendly and approachable team of professional pool technicians will provide you with weekly pool service to keep your swimming pool water completely balanced and sparkling clean. Not to mention we will help preserve that aqua blue pool color you originally fell in love with!


    Our weekly pool service is available to residents of Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek, Phoenix and surrounding areas.

    This consists of testing and balancing chemicals, cleaning all debris out of pool, brushing the pool, checking all the equipment and the identification of necessary pool repairs or equipment replacement.

    This way, we identify problems before they get worse, saving you time, money and hassle.

    Premier Pool Care will always leave a weekly pool service ticket for you that provides details on when we serviced your pool, what we did, and any important notes regarding the condition of your pool equipment and water.


    As part of our weekly Scottsdale pool service, our experts balance your pool chemicals properly and provide quality pool water treatment to keep your pool in top-notch condition.

    Chemistry is a delicate balance when it comes to Arizona swimming pool water. We have a specific climate that lends itself to high temperatures and monsoons, and this calls for a particular balancing of chemicals.

    When you choose Premier Pool Care, you get an Arizona-based company that takes pride in its pool service. We provide only the most consistent, reliable and thorough water treatment services in the area.


    When we arrive at your pool to perform weekly pool services, we will also keep our eyes open to spot any potential problems with your pool equipment, or with the way it is operating.

    We understand that it’s not feasible for most pool-owners to monitor their pool equipment on a weekly basis, so we do that for you.

    At each weekly pool service, you will be notified of any repairs or problematic equipment that need to be addressed. Then, we will follow up with a plan to remedy the issue by making any necessary pool repairs or replacements before the problem gets worse.

    Weekly Pool Service: Step-By-Step

    STEP 1

    Request Weekly Pool Service

    To start, give us a call to schedule a day and time to meet each other, inspect the condition of the pool from water quality to equipment, and answer any questions you may have about our weekly pool service. We will then email you a quote along with service agreement if you wish to begin your weekly pool service with us. After competition we will schedule your day of the week for service.

    • Monthly Service Plans Start at $100/Month (Basic Chemicals Included)
    • No Bi-Weekly Services

    STEP 2

    Pool Cleaning & Water Treatment

    This is the part where we step in to keep your pool in tip-top shape! We don’t show up and dash. We take the time to service your pool by our high standards. This process consists of:

    • Test Pool/Spa Water
    • Balance Chemicals (Chl Tabs, Shock, Acid, etc.)
    • Empty All Baskets (Skimmer, Pump, Leaf Canister, etc.)
    • Brush Pool Walls, Steps, and Landings (Note: Brushing tiles does not remove calcium buildup)
    • Net Debris Off Top of Pool
    • Inspect Pool Equipment
    • Weekly Receipt or Email

    STEP 3

    Weekly Pool Service Results

    Now you get to enjoy the pristine pool resulting from Premier Pool Care’s superior weekly pool service! Your water is sparkling clean, properly balanced and ready for swimming



    Our pool looks great thanks to Kayne! He is prompt and attentive! So glad we started using Kayne to keep our pool sparkling! He makes sure that we have all our pool needs met. He does it all!

    I recently had PREMIER POOL CARE Stop by to take care of some issues I was having and was more than pleased with the results. On Time , Careful and Considerate. This is going to be my Go-To Company for anything Pool Related.

    Kayne does such a great job taking care of all our pools for us! Very thankful to have someone that's reliable, can fix anything wrong and is here every week like clockwork! Such a honest and hardworking young man!