20 March, 2018


Choosing The Right Pool Filter in Scottsdale

The right pool filter is critical if you want to enjoy a brilliant clean pool.  If you live in Scottsdale, Carefree, Cave Creek or in the Anthem area you have a lot of pool filter options. Choosing the right filter can, however, be tricky.  Different pool professionals frequently share a lot of different opinions about swimming pool filters which can cause a lot of confusion.  How do you know which filter is best for your pool when there are so many different types and brands to choose from?  One of the best things to remember when battling to find the right filter is the fact that any filter system should be able to properly maintain your pool if it is the right size and if the right products are used along with it.  Here are four tips to help you make the right choice.

Arizona Pool Filters

Sand filters

These filters will push water through filtering sand which will remove debris because the dirt gets stuck between sand particles.  To clean out this filter you can run it in reverse or backwash it by dumping out the dirty water.  Backwashing needs to be done every few weeks and the sand can be replaced if the filter every 4-5 years.

Cartridge filters

Water is pushed through a filter and the filter will catch all the dirt.  There are different types of cartridge filters that you need to consider.  These filters can run on lower pressure than sand filters and only need to be cleaned once or twice a season by simply hosing the filters off.  Cartridges need to be replaced about once every five years and some of these models can be quite expensive.

DE filters

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filters are created with a type of soil (DE) that composes fossilized exoskeletons of tiny diatoms.  These filters can clean out dirt as small as 5 microns.  These filters run on higher pressures than cartridge filters and they also require backwashing for cleaning.

Choose for efficiency

If you are choosing a swimming pool filter that is simple, affordable and easy to maintain then a sand filter is probably your best option.  Filter sand is cheap, the system is easy to use and it is an incredibly indestructible system.

Choose from clean water

If you want a filter that will clean your water the best then DE filters are a great option.  These filters can clear out debris as small as 5 microns.  Alternatively, you can use a sand filter and include DE to your sand mixture for a much cleaner filtering system.

Chose for low maintenance

Cartridge filters are the type of swimming pool filter that is easiest to use.  You don’t have to clean it as often and when you do clean it the cleaning job is incredibly simple.  These filters only need to be replaced every 5 years or so which also contributes to low maintenance.

Premier Pool Care provides pool filter installation, pool filter cleaning and pool filter repairs in Scottsdale, Carefree, Cave Creek and Anthem.  If you are considering a new pool filter system we would be happy to talk more about the options that are available.



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