25 September, 2018


    Chlorine Pool Maintenance in Scottsdale | What to Know

    Chlorine Pool Maintenance in Scottsdale: What to Know

    Numerous companies offer chlorine pool maintenance in Scottsdale, Arizona. And as it turns out, there’s a very good reason for thischlorine pools are one of the most popular types of pools for people living in the desert.

    Do you have a chlorine pool on your property? If so, or if you’re considering the installation of a chlorine pool, this article will help equip you with the knowledge you need for proper chlorine pool maintenance in Scottsdale.

    In this article, we will explain why chlorine pool maintenance is important and how to find qualified technicians in Scottsdale, Arizona for this type of swimming pool.

    Components of Chlorine Pool Maintenance in Scottsdale

    When we discuss chlorine pool maintenance in Scottsdale, it’s important to note that there are numerous reasons why chlorine pools need regular maintenance.

    Because of Arizona’s high temperatures and low humidity, chlorine pool maintenance in Scottsdale requires some specific technical knowledge.

    1. Monitoring and Controlling pH Levels

    This is enough of a reason on its own to opt for chlorine pool maintenance in Scottsdale that is regular and done by a pro (unless you have time to truly monitor and control your swimming pool’s pH levels).

    If you want a long-lasting chlorine pool and a pleasant experience while swimming, its pH level must be perfect. This means somewhere between 7.2 and 7.8. Anything else can be harmful to your skin and eyes, since they are easily irritated by pH levels that are too acidic or alkaline.

    A weekly visit from a Scottsdale pool service provider will ensure that the pool is not only clean, but also that its pH and sanitization is exactly how it should be. They’ll use pH decreasers to add the right amount of acidity if your pH becomes too alkaline, and they’ll use pH increasers to add the right amount of alkalinity if it becomes too acidic.

    If the pH is too acidic, your skin and eyes won’t be the only things affected. Over time, the surfaces and equipment used for your pool will also start to corrode and perhaps develop stains. If the water becomes too alkaline, you will see scaling and mineral deposits on the walls and tiles, and potentially cloudy-looking pool water.

    Testing the pH will also allow you to get the most out of the chlorine in your pool and make sure that it is as active as possible.

    Pool water balancing is, in a way, a science. So if you let it slip (which is easy to do in such a leisure-focused city as ours) your pool isn’t at its best. This is why you’ll see most people opt for chlorine pool maintenance in Scottsdale, Arizona.

    2. Maintaining Pool Calcium Hardness

    Calcium is a mineral that is naturally involved with chlorine pool water maintenance. When you balance the pH of your pool water, naturally the calcium hardness is going to respond.

    The calcium hardness is the amount of calcium in your pool water that is actually dissolved. You want to make sure just the right amount is dissolved.

    We won’t bore you with the chemical explanation behind it, but it’s important to note that the calcium level needs to be at just the right hardness or your pool might start to experience some gradual wear-and-tear.

    This is yet another reason why you might want to leave your chlorine pool maintenance tasks to the pros.

    3. Testing for Iron, Copper and Manganese

    Testing for metals is another component of chlorine pool maintenance in Scottsdale.


    While these metals aren’t visible to the human eye when you look at your pool water, metal can exist in it–and which isn’t good. You’ll notice it in the form of staining and scaling on your pool surfaces and equipment.


    Testing for metal, removing it and preventing it from entering your pool again in the future is another essential task associated with chlorine pool maintenance.

    4. Cleaning Your Pool

    Chlorine pool maintenance in Scottsdale especially requires that you empty all baskets regularly. This includes the skimmer, pump and leaf canister.

    Why? Leaves aren’t the only gift from nature you might find in your swimming pool skimmer in Scottsdale. Arizona is infamous for snakes and large spiders showing up in these baskets.

    We know from personal experience!

    You’ll also want to brush pool walls, steps, and landings. But you must note that brushing your pool tiles does not remove calcium buildup. In that case, you’ll truly need a pool tile cleaning service in Scottsdale for getting deep clean from special equipment.

    Let’s not forget that you’ll need to net debris off the top of the pool. This is especially needed often in Arizona since that desert dust tends to accumulate on the top of the water quite easily. And monsoon season? That’s a whole ‘nother story!

    1. Chlorine Pool Equipment Inspection

    Last but not least, chlorine pool equipment inspection is crucial to your pool health. You’ll want to keep an eye on your equipment to make sure that all components of your system are doing their jobs correctly.


    A chlorine pool maintenance pro is truly the only person who has the expertise to identify repairs needed and spot potential problems before a full-blown equipment replacement needs to happen.


    They know what to look for and they know exactly how all the parts work together to keep your pool running correctly.

    Find Chlorine Pool Maintenance in Scottsdale

    You might be trying to save money with a DIY approach to chlorine pool maintenance in Scottsdale, and perhaps that’s why you started reading this article in the first place.


    But hiring an expert to take care of all the tasks mentioned in this article can actually save you more money and headache in the long run.

    At Premier Pool Care, we have a team of chlorine pool maintenance experts with the knowledge necessary to keep your pool at a high standard of beauty and cleanliness. We make our clients happy by being consistent, effective, dependable and by understanding the level of trust they must have when allowing someone into the backyard of their home.

    If you want the best chlorine pool maintenance in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek and Phoenix, Premier Pool Care is your best choice.

    Contact us on our website or give us a call at 602.888.0400 to schedule your first visit!


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