20 March, 2018

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10 Things A Pool Cleaning Service Can Do For You

It is fantastic to own a pool.  Swimming pools are great for improving your overall health because there are few activities that have so many positive health benefits as swimming.  Swimming also helps us stay cool when it is too hot and it gives us something fun to do whenever we feel bored.  But swimming is all fun and games until someone has to clean the pool.  Proper swimming pool care and maintenance is hard work and it can be so easy to forget to tend to your pool when you are balancing a busy lifestyle.

Luckily there are pool cleaning services that will take care of all the hard work for you so you can enjoy refreshing swims without any of the hassles.  Here are the ten things your pool service will do for you;

1.Extend the lifespan of your pool

If you don’t care for your pool properly you could end up with a lot of problems and might have to replace your pool a lot sooner than you might think.  In fact you can cut your pools life span in half by failing to do proper maintenance and even in quarter if you don’t maintain your pool at all.

2.Save energy

A professional pool cleaner will maintain your pool pump which can save you a lot of energy because the pool pump can take up to half of a home’s energy consumption if it isn’t functioning properly.

3.Extra care for your saltwater pools

Saltwater pools are often branded as low maintenance pools but this is hardly the case.  The right pH balance has to be maintained to keep salt from breaking down into various components.  If this happens you cannot simply pump out your pool because the salt is terrible for plant growth.

4.Keeps your pool from turning green

Your “pool guy” knows exactly how to keep the green out of your pool especially during the rainy season when the likelihood of algae is much higher.

5.Proper care for summer time

The summer is when you most enjoy your pool but it is also the time when algae grow a lot faster and when sunlight affects your chlorine the most.  Your pool cleaner will ensure that your pool stays crystal clear all summer long.

6.The right products are used

Green and eco-products seem friendly but they can actually be more harmful than chlorine because they can leave your water green and murky.  Pool cleaning services use the right products that prevent pollution and keep your water clean.

7.Saves the planet

When the right products and levels of chlorine are used in your water your pool water is good for use much longer which is great for saving water and thus saving the planet.

8.No more forgetting

Pool cleaning services schedule your pools service at a specific time each and every week so you will never forget – or have to remember.

9.Scrubbing and tile cleaning

Every pool needs an occasional scrub and tile cleaning and pool cleaning services are superb at removing grime and dirt.

10.General pool cleaning

Our pool service providers in Scottsdale, Anthem, Cave Creek or Carefree will also get any debris or dirt that your pool cleaners cannot remove out of the pool for you so nothing creepy will ever sneak up on you in the water.


For an ultimately effective solution and an all-time clean pool, you can definitely give our outstanding pool cleaning services a try.


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Taylor Bishop

I wanted to thank you for explaining some benefits that a pool cleaning service can do. I didn’t know that they can be sure the right products are used to keep the water clean. This seems helpful especially if different pools may need different products throughout the year.